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GT3x24x7 in the flesh . . . ew



GT3x24x7 is an administrator, registered on January 23rd 2004, promoted to Staff soon after joining. He is the originator of the Showroom Challenges and a member of the Forum Police.

A really helpful guy over the IRC. Although, he loves to ban miscreants without any beware!! His ST34LTH Skyline is the cake.

GT3x24x7 is also known as the Forum Hammer and a Forum God. He is often very brutal with people who violate forum rules. His finger is forever hovering over the BBBB.

People always stand at attention when they see the Badge of Doom on any page of the forum. Anybody who truly fears the powerful GT3x24x7 will make sure they are in their best behavior.

GT3x24x7 is also the creator and the rightful owner of the Language Filter on forums. Weewee is his masterpiece in that project.


  • Age: Eleventy Aught Seven
  • Sex: As cheap as possible
  • Current Residence: Perth, Western Australia
  • Personal Quote: Bite off more than you can chew... then chew like buggery!
  • Height: No one really knows, he seems to change height considerably as he towers over you.
  • Favourite food: Junk food with express delivery (do not get involved in a discussion with GT if the delivery boy is late)

Handling Precautions

  • NEVER disagree with GT3x24x7.
  • NEVER question GT3x24x7's judgement.
  • NEVER make GT3x24x7 rise from his seating position.
  • NEVER tell GT3x24x7 that he can't have his cake and eat it too.
  • NEVER ask GT3x24x7 stupid questions.
  • NEVER let GT3x24x7 know what TheStig done with the ST34LTH the other day.
  • NEVER inform GT3x24x7 that you are in possession of Tim-Tams.
  • NEVER take away GT3x24x7's beer.
  • ALWAYS salute when GT3x24x7 is in line of sight.
  • ALWAYS laugh at GT3x24x7's jokes.
  • ALWAYS accept your punishment from GT3x24x7, should you be so lucky to still be alive.
  • ALWAYS kiss GT3x24x7's ass, no matter how unwipered it may be.
  • ALWAYS let GT3x24x7 win at videogames, if you value your NFSUnlimited account . . . and your life.

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