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The Need for Speed Wiki uses MediaWiki software which means anyone can easily edit any unprotected page and those changes will be immedeately visible to other users.

Use the editing toolbar to make the usual formatting changes to a wiki. Hovering over a button will give you a description of the button. Click the Show Preview button to view the changes you've made. Changes won't be saved till you click the Save Changes button. Please consult Wikipedia for more info.

MediaWiki software allows the user to use special Wiki markup, a special syntax scheme used to format a Wiki page. Please refer to Wikipedia for more information on special Wiki markup.

MediaWiki software also supports the use of templates. This means standardized text chunks (such as boilerplate text) can be inserted into articles. For example, typing {{stub}} will appear as "This article is a stub. Feel free to contribute" when the page is saved. See Help:Templates for more information on Templates.

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