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NFS Carbon FAQ

Q. When will NFS Carbon be released?
A. NFS Carbon will be released on November 1st for PC, XBox, XBox360, PS2, PSP, Nintendo Gamecube, and Gameboy Advance systems. The Wii version will be released with the Wii launch, and the PS3 version is set to be released on November 17th, or along with the PS3 launch, whichever comes later. Mobile and Nintendo DS versions are set to release in November, but the dates are still not official.
For more information, click here

Q: Is there any demo for NFSC?
A PS2 demo has been available online for a while. You will need a modded PS2 in order to play. An XBox 360 demo has been available on XBox Live as well. A PC demo is available here.

Q: Which platforms will NFS Carbon be released for?
A: NFS Carbon will be released for PC-CD, PC-DVD, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance and Mobile.

Q: What are the PC system requirements for NFS: Carbon?
A: PC System Requirements can be found here.

Q. How many cars will NFS Carbon have?
A. A car list can be found here.

Q. What are the different car classes?
A. Tuners, muscles, exotics.

Q: What racing modes will NFS Carbon have?
A: Circuit racing, Sprint racing, Speedtrap, Canyon Duel, Canyon Race, Drift, Canyon Drift, Checkpoint, Pursuit Knockout (Online only), and Pursuit Tag (Online only).

Q: How does customization differ in NFS Carbon from previous NFS games?
A: NFS Carbon introduces a new concept called AutoSculpt™ technology in which the player can literally morph and sculpt the car parts. Each car is broken into ten zones that can be changed, so a player can alter the size and shape of anything, from adjusting the size, depth and angle of spoilers down to small details like changing the number of spokes on the rims. Autosculpt will also allow you to twist, morph, position, and shape any vinyl that you can place on your car. Vinyl layering is back, and this time you can choose from a color gradient instead of pre-selected colors.

Q: How many autosculpting zones will have each car?
A: As we can see for now, each part and bodykits will have at least 10 zones to modify, also hoods and spoilers will have about 5-10 zones.

Q: Are there going to be accesories like neons, light colours, window tinting, etc?
A: There's window tinting, but none of the others.

Q: Will Carbon use a star rating system like the Underground games?
A: No

Q: Will cars in NFS Carbon have a damage model?
A: The damage model will be very similar to the one featured in NFS Most Wanted in the sense that it isn’t major to the vehicle and it still does not affect your cars’ performance.

Q. What role do the police play in Carbon?
A. The police still hunt you down as your heat gets higher. Carbon doesn't have the required police challenges like Most Wanted, and that the police play more of a sideline role in the new game. The police are smarter, and the game employs a new method called Geographic Heat, where they increasing patrols in areas you frequent. You will also have the ability to recruit a crew member who can communicate with the police and drop your heat level, among other things.

Q: Does Sargeant Cross return?
A: Yes! It has been confirmed that he will return from NFS Most Wanted. He has been fired from Rockport's Police Department and is now a bounty hunter, convinced that the hero is to blame for the termination of his job

Q: How is the city divided?
A: The NFS Carbon world will be divided into four distinct areas, and a total of 23 zones, 5 in the first three areas and eight in the final area. Each area is 'owned' by the gang that's posted the best times on the tracks there.

Q: What are Canyon Duels?
A: The Canyon Duel is a 2 stage race. The player's car is in the "follow" position during the 1st stage and his goal is to stay as close as possible to the lead car without going over the edge of the cliff. During the 2nd stage, the player's car is in the "lead" position and you are trying to get to the bottom of the run as fast as possible while putting as much distance as you can between you and your opponent.

Q: What's the deal with the crew feature?
A: NFS Carbon will offer you the chance to build a crew and it is up to you to build up your crew. For example, you might choose a mechanic who can squeeze more performance out of your cars, a specialist in decals and modding or an expert drift racer. You might find a buddy whose dad is the local police chief and can get the heat off when it counts. Every potential team mate will have something to bring to the party, as well as special racing abilities. You're allowed maximum 3 crew members at once, only 1 of whom you can bring into a race.

Q: How many teammates can the player have during a single race?
A: The player can take one crew member with them during a race. They’ll be able to choose which one they’d like to take from their Safehouse at any time before entering into races.

Q: Can other racers (AI or human) have teammates as well?
A: Opponents in races will be made up primarily from the crew that owns the current track. They will race as a team and will be very recognizable with their crew colors and logos.

Q: Will you have to have teammates in-game or can you go solo all the way?
A: You can choose your destiny, being with teammates or going solo! But you will need crew members to unlock Autosculpt.

Q: What are your crews' attributes on track?
A: On track, one of your members will be able to do one of the following things:
Blocker: will block opponent car
Scout: will show you various side routes in the race
Drafter: will pull in front of you leaving a drafting area for you to use to gain speed

Q: What are your crews' attributes off track?
A: Off track, one of your members will be able to do one of the following things:
Fabricator: will help in creating your cars style
Mechanic: will help enhance the cars performance
Fixer: will help you lower your heat

Q: Is "EA Trax" returning in NFS:Carbon?
A: Yes, it's returning this feature. For more info on the soundtrack, head here. Also, there are rumours about a possible MP3 importing feature.

Q: Is there "Free Roam" mode in NFS:Carbon?
There is Free Roam in Career Mode.

Q: What are the tiers which separate the car list in NFS:Carbon?
A: They split each category (Tuner, Muscle, Exotic) in 3 parts. Part 1 (tier 1) has the cars which have a normal speed. Part 2 (tier 2) has the cars which have a much faster speed compared to tier 1. Part 3 (tier 3) has the cars which have the highest speed in-game. These tiers refer to stock car stats. Tiers are unlocked as you progress trough the game.

Q: How do I access photo mode images?
A: If you are a PC user you can access your photo mode images by adding your ea username to the end of the following link:[USERNAME]

For Xbox users add your gamertag to the end of the following link:[GAMERTAG]

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