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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 contains not one, but two complete career modes, one for each major game mode, Hot Pursuit and World Racing. This page lists all of the events that make up each of these careers and links to details pages for each event. The event trees are very different between the PC/GC/Xbox and PS2 version; these are presented separately.



Hot Pursuit Event Tree (PC)
Hot Pursuit Event Tree Description (PC)

Unlike the PS2 version, events in this version aren't conveniently numbered. The event numbers assigned here follow the same left-to-right, top-to-bottom event tree sequence as is used in the PS2 version.

Hot Pursuit

  1. Lotus Elise Delivery
  2. Mediterranean Challenge
  3. Fall Classic Knockout
  4. BMW Island Knockout
  5. Tropical Open Tournament
  6. Mediterranean Touring Challenge
  7. General Motors Tropical Challenge
  8. Parklands Quota
  9. Mercedes CL55 AMG Challenge
  10. Parklands Knockout
  11. BMW M5 Challenge
  12. Australian Invitational Tournament
  13. BMW Z8 Delivery
  14. Calypso Knockout Challenge
  15. Fall Winds Quota
  16. Ford vs. Chevy Showdown
  17. American Woodland Tournament
  18. Ferrari 360 Spider Delivery
  19. Convertible Cruise Race
  20. Dodge vs. Chevy Showdown
  21. Coastal Knockout
  22. All American Tournament
  23. Lamborghini Murciélago Delivery
  24. Wine Country Quota
  25. Autumn Sprint
  26. Lamborghini vs. Porsche Showdown
  27. Mercedes CLK-GTR Knockout
  28. Ferrari 550 Barchetta Pininfarina Delivery
  29. Supercar Open
  30. Lamborghini Diablo Challenge
  31. Palm City Quota
  32. German Showdown Tournament
  33. McLaren F1 LM Delivery
Championship Event Tree (PC)
Championship Event Tree Description (PC)


  1. Opel Speedster Time Trial
  2. Vauxhall Championship
  3. Fall Winds Knockout
  4. Multinational Challenge
  5. Championship Tournament I
  6. BMW M5 Time Trial
  7. Palm City Open
  8. Mercedes CL55 AMG Time Trial
  9. BMW Alpine Challenge Tournament
  10. Jaguar XKR Time Trial
  11. Australian Challenge
  12. Snake Bite Challenge
  13. General Motors Knockout
  14. Championship Tournament II
  15. Foreign Sprint Challenge
  16. Island Knockout
  17. American Sprint Challenge
  18. Mediterranean Open
  19. Pony Car Challenge
  20. Porsche 911 Turbo Knockout
  21. Championship Tournament III
  22. Porsche vs. Ferrari Challenge
  23. Ferrari Time Trial
  24. Lamborghini Time Trial
  25. Autumn Knockout Classic
  26. Ferrari vs. Lamborghini Knockout
  27. Porsche Carrera GT (Concept Version) Time Trial
  28. Redwood Classic Tournament
  29. Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Time Trial
  30. Championship Tournament IV
  31. Ferrari F50 Sprint
  32. Championship Tournament V
  33. McLaren Challenge


Note that event 32 in each tree is in fact the same 'super bonus' event and can be reached by completing either tree.

Ultimate Racer

The Ultimate Racer career is a tree of over 30 events within Hot Pursuit mode and involves racing against other racers whilst avoiding cops. All events save the first are initially locked - you must work your way through the challenges to unlock them. Events 31 and 32 are hidden until the entire tree is defeated.

  1. Lotus Elise Delivery
  2. Opel Speedster Delivery
  3. Mercedes CL55 AMG Delivery
  4. Australia vs Germany Desert Knockout
  5. Pursuit Crown Victoria Challenge
  6. Germany vs U.K. Forest Knockout
  7. U.K. vs Australia Race
  8. GM Challenge Multi-Track Knockout
  9. Pursuit BMW M5 Challenge
  10. HSV Mediterranean Challenge
  11. Island Outskirts Lap Knockout
  12. Ancient Ruins Lap Knockout
  13. Pursuit Corvette Challenge
  14. V12 Vanquish Point-to-Point Series
  15. European Invitational Tournament
  16. Ferrari 550 Alpine Challenge
  17. Ferrari 360 Alpine Point-to-Point
  18. Pursuit Mustang Challenge
  19. BMW Z8 Tropical Time Trial
  20. U.S. Invitational Lap Knockout
  21. Porsche Challenge Race
  22. Lamborghini Lap Knockout
  23. Porsche vs Ferrari Showdown
  24. Corvette Time Trial
  25. U.S. vs Germany Race Knockout
  26. U.S. vs Italy Race Knockout
  27. Pursuit Murciélago Challenge
  28. Supercar Series I
  29. Supercar Series II
  30. The Ultimate Road Race
  31. Ferrari 550 Endurance Race
  32. Hot Pursuit 2 Championship Duel


The Championship career is part of the World Racing mode and has you racing only against other racers with no sign of the cops. All events save the first are initially locked - you must work your way through the challenges to unlock them. Events 31 and 32 are hidden until the entire tree is defeated.

  1. National Forest Challenge
  2. CL55 AMG Mediterranean Time Trial
  3. Ford TS50 Lap Knockout
  4. Lotus Elise Challenge Race
  5. National Forest Knockout
  6. Jaguar XKR Tournament
  7. BMW M5 Autumn Hill Climb
  8. General Motors Time Trial
  9. U.K. vs Germany Tournament
  10. Point-to-Point Series
  11. Outback Time Trial
  12. U.S. vs U.K. Knockout
  13. Calypso Coast Lap Knockout
  14. Mediterranean Knockout
  15. Ferrari vs Ford Showdown
  16. Ferrari 360 Sprint
  17. V8 Multi-Track Knockout
  18. 400 BHP Tournament
  19. Convertible Cruise Race
  20. Aussie Rules Lap Knockout
  21. Lamborghini Murciélago Race
  22. V10 Alpine Lap Knockout
  23. V12 Challenge Race
  24. Porsche Autumn Time Trial
  25. Muscle Car Knockout
  26. Point-to-Point Knockout
  27. Lamborghini Past vs Present
  28. McLaren F1 Invitational Tournament
  29. Mercedes CLK-GTR Invitational Race
  30. McLaren F1 LM Endurance Race
  31. Ferrari F50 Endurance Challenge
  32. Hot Pursuit 2 Championship Duel

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