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This is just a dumping ground for differences between the PC/GC/XBox and PS2 versions of HP2 at this time. Maybe it will be cleaned up at some time.

  • Different car modelling and versions of cars.
  • The PS2 version offers the Splitscreen Mode(Two Players),While PC/GC/XBox version offers Multiplayer via Lan/Internet Powered by Gamespy.
  • Large differences in track design and three extra tracks in the PS2 version.
  • PC/GC/XBox version offers 'mirrored' versions of each track, along with forward and reverse versions offered by both versions.
  • More cars available as pursuit versions in the PC/GC/Xbox game.
  • The two versions group cars together in classes differently. For example the Ferrari 550 Barchetta races against much faster cars in the PC/GC/XBox version than in the PS2 version.
  • No 'speed boost' option in the PC/GC/Xbox game in 'Be The Cop' mode.
  • Different physics model and handling characteristics.
  • The PS2 version offers the choice between 'Classic' and 'Extreme' handling characteristics; the PC/GC/XBox version does not.
  • The PC/GC/XBox version suffers from definite control 'lag' of around 0.5 sec. While steering is not affected, it does affect accelerating and braking, and even extends to the car's interaction with the environment - on gaining air in a jump for example, the 'engine racing' sound plays after a 0.5 sec delay. There is a concern that this delay also carries over to traction calculations and the deeper parts of the physics model. The easiest way to demonstrate this is simply to press the horn and notice the delay before the horn sound is played.
  • Different menu system and in-game HUD interface.
  • The PC/GC/Xbox version allows you to switch between available cars during a multi-race tournament; the PS2 version does not.
  • The PS2 version provides more feedback in game, with announcements of lap records when passing the finish line, notifications on reaching top speed and so on. The PC/GC/XBox version only announces the final lap and medal awards.
  • Championship mode events in the PS2 version include traffic cars. Traffic is absent from Championship events in the PC/GC/XBox version.
  • The PS2 version gives the player some control over the 'Zone Camera' feature, allowing you to perform a 360-degree rotation around your car at any time and also a 'look ahead' camera that is useful for scouting police roadblocks.
  • Entirely different event trees.
  • Different unlock systems - PC/GC/Xbox has you buying unlockables with accumulated points, while the PS2 version has set unlockables for each achievement.
  • Busting speeders in Be The Cop/You're The Cop modes is very different - the PS2 version requires that you stop and detain a speeder, while the PC/GC/Xbox version only asks that you ram the speeder with your patrol car.
  • The PC/GC/Xbox replay system only plays back as the player saw the race, while the PS2 version allows a selection of camera options.
  • The PS2 version keeps track of a wide variety of best lap and total race times for each track across five car classes; the PC/GC/Xbox version does not.
  • Each version offers different traffic vehicles. The buses and vans available in the PC version are not found in the PS2 version.
  • Cops can be disabled during PS2 pursuits by slamming them into walls, traffic etc. At that time, they call for a tow truck and they are out of the pursuit. PC/GC/XBox police seem to be indestructible.
  • The PS2 version shows the location of police roadblocks on the mini-map. They aren't shown in the PC/GC/XBox version.
  • The PS2 version models a rev limiter when reaching the upper limit of a (manual) gear, causing engine- and road speed to fluctuate by around 5kph. The PC/GC/Xbox version does not model this; engine- and road speed simply stop increasing and remain steady at the end of a gear.

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