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Far more difficult than in the previous games. In sprint, there are lots of turns, shortcuts and pursuit breakers you must utilize to make it to the finish line first, whilst avoiding crashing at high speeds. Speedbreaker recommended on tight turns.


Similar to sprint, only more than one lap and is basically the same route over and over. Pursuit breakers are not recommended until the final lap, as the AI might catch up.


A high speed race where you must race against a large group of opponents and get your speeds recorded on traffic cameras. The highest accumulated speed overall wins, however once an opponent passes the finish line, you lose six miles from your record every second. Nitrous boosts recommended when getting near a camera, but try to avoid crashing and overuse of speedbreaker (if any at all).


Essentially a checkpoint race with a cool sounding name. You are given a time limit to reach the nearest tollbooth and must pass them all. The remaining seconds you had left before passing the tollbooth are added as a bonus.


The drag races are intense in Most Wanted, as even though short there is plenty of traffic that can be crashed in and other difficulties. The same formula as seen in Underground and Underground 2, you must wait for the green arrow to get a perfect shift. Blue is good and red is over rev. Notably, some drag races require traffic car stunts (i.e. sliding under a truck in time to get through).

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