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Self-proclaimed 'King of the SHIFT Showroom' as well as a contributor to the Showroom Insider (formerly Showroom Weekly), Staff member TW1ST3R began his tuning career in early 2009. After being inspired by a showroom great who goes by the alias of Rizur, TW1ST3R set about making a name for himself in the online tuning community. Widely known for his iconic Red-Black-White and Purple-CarbonFibre-White-Black colour combos, as well as his Exotic/Showcar tuning style, TW1ST3R has certainly left a few noteworthy works to be remembered - his highest rated being his Lamborghini Reventon presentation "Bringing in the New Year - Phoenix - KM9".

Background Information

  • Age: Ageing at a standard rate, though sometimes thinks and behaves like someone 2 years older than himself.
  • Sex: Male.
  • Current Location: Pigfarts Intergalactic School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Jokes aside, TW1ST3R currently resides in Australia, and is in his later years of Secondary Education. He is a musician at heart, having played Trombone since Year 2 and taking up the Electric Guitar during 2010. Music often influences his work on NFSUnlimited. He is often pleased by works of art, whether it be digital, physical or musical as long as it is not what he regards as 'modern mainstream garbage' - "Give me some real music," he says, "something with some heavy guitar punch or something you can get really funky with".

Tuning Style

Originally inspired by Rizur's "Tenzo R Exotics", TW1ST3R's style has evolved and gone through many phases. Currently, TW1ST3R enjoys tuning in two main styles: Exotic/Showcar and Lowrider/HotRod. His exotic style often involves following the lines of the car in order to 'bring out the true nature of the beauty or beast'. This can be particularly noticed in his collection of Lamborghini from NFS: SHIFT.

Recently, TW1ST3R has started to excel at Photoshop, really raising the bar he set with preses in the past. This is widely attributed to the Tutorial Collaboration Packs released by YaelDjiel. However, dispite his newfound presentation ability, TW1ST3R still enjoys collaborating with his partner in crime, and fellow KMT Studios member kostovmilica9. Positions

  • Showroom Insider Staff
  • Community Tuning Challenge/Showroom Challenge Staff
  • Showroom Moderator
  • Other Admin Stuff

External Links

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