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Below are the games modes featured in Need For Speed: The Run. Unlike most of the past NFS games, the only type of race in The Run is sprint. This means that there isn't any circuit racing, drag racing, or drift events. A quick race mode is also absent, so the user is left with two main game modes, which are the following.

The Run

The Run is the main game mode available. It is divided in 10 stages, starting in San Francisco and ending in New York. Each stage is divided in smaller stages, and the player has to reach the end of each one in time. The player is also required to overtake a certain number of opponents in each stage to finish it successfully. Through this game mode the player will unfold the story.

Challenge Series

Challenge series are specific challenges available to the player has he progresses through The Run. Each challenge has different objectives, and the player is able to earn medals according to his/her performance in the challenge. There are four medals available: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

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